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Popular as an upscale holiday destination with some of the world’s best known luxurious resorts, Maldives is an amazing destination for sports fishing as well. Fishing has been the lifeblood of Maldivians since primordial times. By surface area, Maldives is ninety-nine percent sea, and Maldivians have been harmoniously living off the sea for centuries. Vast areas of healthy reefs and crystal clear lagoons host abundant marine life; the tropical climate and breathtaking natural beauty make the Maldivian fishing experience more enjoyable and memorable. Passionate anglers from around the world visit Maldives to fish in the most pristine and remote areas while enjoying the world-renowned Maldivian hospitality.

Addu Sport fishing is an enthusiastic team of fishermen from Addu Atoll—the southernmost constellation of the archipelago, majestically sitting south of the Equator. These expert fishermen have been fishing since their childhood, proficient in both traditional line-and-hook style and modern sports fishing. The team is thoroughly knowledgeable and ensures tip-top service and unforgettable fishing experience.

Personalized trips and a friendly atmosphere make every fishing trip fun and exciting, sure to produce wonderful memories of a trip of a lifetime.

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